Patch Notes for Version 0.5.9

29 December 2023 Forum discussion
Patch Notes 28th December 2023:

- Lathe, Smelter, Mini Garden, Aquarium, Gemmaker has been added to the Production NPC in port of the winds for gold. These items are purely cosmetics only for the MyHome and provide no benefits or stats.
- Sweet Pooring Mirror and Pooring Statue added to the Production NPC for gold inm port of the winds
- Legend of Mimir quest is now a direct sequel quest to the quest: "Im one thousand and two hundred years old! Boo!" this means "Sage with Dementia Dissporder" will be a direct sequel to Legend of Mimir once its completed.
- Socket Card Extractor added to the Gada Shop and Cash Shop
- Galaxy Coin Added to the Gada And Cash Shop
- Star Fragment in Virgo f6 has been replaced by Monster radar for the direction
- 1-10 star Kyrab Solar Necklaces has been buffed by twice the damage
- 1-10 star Kyrab Lunar Necklaces has been buffed by 3x the defense it originally had
- 1-10 Star Kyrab Stellar ring has recived a 50% HP boost on all necklases.
- Monster Radar has been put for 20g each at Master Priest William "Crest Shop"
- All Blessing Items (Grade 6) of all proffesion types has been added to Exchange Merchant Besse in Windy Farm. You may exchange diffrent amouth of Grade 1-5 Miscs for 1 Blessed for any specific Proffesion at her.
- Alot of Production Item descriptions and a few item names has been changed/fixed, the missing descriptions for option expanders too
- Fixed item description of Bronze, silver and gold geffen keys
- Fixed item description of all 3 Gold key varients in geffen to say what key is used to open it
- Fixed the Description of key usage in Orc Treasure Box
- Fixed all Valkyrie Set boxes descriptions
- Fixed the "Unknown Error" that would come up when trying to open class specific Valkyrie set boxes for normal, rare or Hero.
- Added Classic Sunglasses Gold, and Silver to the accacory tab in the Cash Shop