Patch Notes for Version 0.6.3

15 January 2024 Forum discussion
Patch Notes 15th January 2024:

- Changed the stack limit on the Young Fish, Mineral Fragment, Dried Branch and Deep Green Leaves to 9999
- Fixed various item name corrections from the previous patch
- Fixed the resitrctions on all cash shop sets so they can be socketted
- Fixed the restrictions on hero accacories so they can be socketed too
- Slighlty adjusted the alexyon medal stats
- Adjusted the attack speed and movement speed on Energized and Uber Combo combo medals so its less than the 10k one (as intended)
- Added A monster card box for Young fish, and one for Useless Leaky Shoes (as there was one missing for each of these)
- Fixed the text names of "top" back to "Armour" as intended
- Fixed the purple loading screens in some zones
- Added a Exchanger for grade 5 windia farm miscs, simular to whats been done with grade 6. At NPC Besse in Windia farm
- Added an additional base stat to the valkyrie tops:
- Added an additional base stat to the glorious shoulderguards:
- Fixed the level rewards for battlesquare rewards for Sigils of bravery to work for lv 56-85 now aswell as intended
- Swapped the last material from Gemstones to Ores (in the exchanger at Besse), as they were accidently swapped and wrong
- Fixed so that all the missing items in Bigwheel that did not have a rarity now have an rarity value in the mixboard
- Fixed the "Finding Master chef (2)" quest by decreasing "Fur Herb" from 40 to 15 as intentional
- Removed the remaining set restrictions on the valkyrie and the Glorious sets
- Fixed some minor item descriptions

Hotfixes later that day:
- Made Sigils of bravery fully tradable
- Changed the stats on the valkyrie sets from its % defense to raw defense:
- Changed the Hydron Templar Top and Bottom from its % Def and MDEF to raw defense (+500 Def on the top and +500 MDEF on the bottom)
- Fixed various minor item descriptions