Patch Notes for Version 0.6.6

01 February 2024 Forum discussion
Patch Notes: 1st February January 2024:

General changes:
- Fixed the durability on all Black dragon Lord and Hero Black dragon Lord bracelets, Talismans and Kick Balls to 120 as intended
- Changed The Aim rate on all the Hero Undead bone arms for all classes to 3% physical and damage drop
- Changed The Aim rate on all the Black dragon lord bracelet/kick ball/talismams for all classes to 5% physical and damage drop
- Changed The Aim rate on all the [Hero] Black dragon lord bracelet/kick ball/talismams for all classes to 7% physical and damage drop
- The "Black Dragon Lord wings" now have: 1.5% final critical success rate, 6% movement speed, 6% attack speed and +20 Health as base stats
- Removed the "Discarded" restriction on all the monster cards on the Geffen cards and added the approperiate trading restrictions to them instead
- Corrected the Proffesion materials and result chance items from the last patch back to the intended values
- Removed various trade restrictions on mix board items
- Removed the Trade restriction on the VIP Potion in the cash shop
- Fixed the Description and texts on all the Cart Pet Variants
- Disabled the bid and enter option on the public houses in port of the winds as this feature was not really a finished feature, that has alot of bugs
- Scalding Swamp renamed to Smoldering swamp as it originally was and should had been called.
- Changed black dragon lord durability from 30 to 120
- Changed paris wings durability from 45 to 120
- Changed durability on all glorious equipment from 45 to 120
- Changed durability on all Valkyrie sets
- Decreased level 2 miscs in windy farm for grade 6 from 15 to 10
- Change Final crit rate from 4.5 to 6.0 on secma 5 bonus set
- Changed Health bonus on Secmathian sentinel set to Attack speed
- Changed hp on bombardier from 1600 to 2100 secmathian set
- Added mineral fragment for exchange for monster card gacha box
- Added dried branch for excchange for monster card box
- The Socket cards at the galaxy NPC that requires 4 of each to craft to the next level has been decreased to 3 each for the next tier

Cash shop Additions:
- Added Puan, Ping Mao and Leo. These are Permanent Pets that was originally meant to be released, but did not make it to the final game. They are pets that wear Pet equipment with various mini stats (not very good) but they can level up, use skills, but have poor stats (in terms of pet stats) In the recommended tab
- Added alot of "gear" as in not good gear, but smaller pieces for the 3 "new" pets, they are cheap in cost as they dont really make any effect, but are rather there if you want to dress ur pet up fancy with a new hat or a new top. Its only useful for this purpose.
- Added Normal Equipment Soulbound remover In the recommended tab
- Added Valentines gacha event egg (Open it to recieve either Ginger B pet or Choco log pet. They are very standard small normnal pets without any good stats In the recommended tab
- Added the Big Cart 14 Days Box (as player suggestion for a while now) this pet is the one you can drop in red fox delta, and it can also expand your "Extra inv" size to 24 slots when used. Pet requires pet food to be up, and items in this Extra Inv tab remains even if the Box cart dies.
- Added a bunch of regular pets and riding pets that was not put there in the normal pet section