Patch Notes for Version 0.7.1

02 February 2024 Forum discussion
Patch Notes: 2nd February 2024:

- Fixed the stats of the drakan cash shop weapons to be same as humans
- Fixed so all the new cash shop weapons now appear in the correct inventory section
- Added a 7 opt Unisex set that also drakans can buy with same stats as the gada set and lucifer, devil and angel human sets in the cash shop > outfits section
- Changed rudolph nose and carrot nose to 3% cdmg (as intended)
- changed 2012 glasses to 3% cdmg (as intended)
- Changed 2012 balloon to 3% movement speed (as intended)
- New origin Ring now got 5% cdmg
- New origin Bracelet got 1.5% physical and magical damage drop
- New origin Necklaces, got 5% HP and MP
- New origin belt has 5% movement speed
- the Hero accacory rings now have 10% cdmg bonus on them