Patch Notes for Version 0.7.5

12 February 2024 Forum discussion
Patch Notes 12th February 2024:

- Cookie factory and its event has been added to the game! The starting quest for it starts at Archer Class Rony in Port of the Winds. And f6 and f7 tickets can be obtained from the Gordon NPC
- Removed winter theme and added original theme to all the cities
- Fixed the lv x5 exp potion to now work from level 1
- Fixed the stats of artemis set and fix it as a special set
- Black Claw nest Essences can now be stacked to 9999
- Increase critical rate by 4% change descript from 5% to 4% (as its supposte to be)
- Fixed the "success" message when no permission to drag item out of guild vault 
- Made the guild inventory slots fully tradable (from the cash shop)
- Nerfed all "gather x items from x monsters" quests in the magma dungeon daily hunter g, dony, wanted quests
- Fixed the guild vault expansion descriptions in cash shop
- fixed Account and normal vault descriptions in cash shop
- Shortage of Food quest has been disabled
- Fixed many item descriptions of cash shop items to reflect more on what you get on the items
- Fixed a bug related to the Z icons in the 1 and 2 star emporia guild rooms